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justin barrett


anti-social psychopath

i had been growing my
hair and beard out
grizzly adams-style for
6 months
my wife hated it
because she said she
couldn't see my face at all.

she said i looked like
some kind of
anti-social psychopath.

these two reasons
are precisely why i
like my hair
and beard long in
the first place.

my wife eventually
bitched and complained
enough that i
finally consented
to cleaning myself up.

so i shaved my beard
off and went to
the barber shop.
when i got home
my wife was
so excited at seeing my
face again that
she grabbed me
and threw me on the couch.

she ripped off my
shorts and we
made love right there,
in front of the
dog and everything.

it was then that i
realized looking
like an anti-social psychopath
can sometimes have its
negative points.

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