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A Cat Using Only Its Ass Could Do Better than Doug Snodgrass, who writes, produces, performs, and records ACUOIACDB's music. ACUOIACDB is in the process of completing his first solo album, the sensitively titled Power Ballads for Righties. In the past he has recorded and performed with Freedy Johnston, Chuck Mead (of BR5-49), and Ric Menck. Please do your part to help make "A Cat Using Only Its Ass Could Do Better" a pop culture catch-phrase for the 21st century. Example: "You call this perm you gave me a perm of high quality? A Cat Using Only Its Ass Could Do Better!"

Shane Allison has been published in numerous journals both in print and online. He has work forthcoming in the sequel to Rudy Kikel's anthology Gents, Badboys and Barbarians.

Justin Barrett writes poetry from a small basement room. He lives in a non-descript house on a non-descript street in a non-descript city called Salt Lake Shitty, which is filled with non-descript people. Many editors have described his poetry as non-descript. He agrees.

Lou(is) Benjamin has finally started listening to his muse after years of trying to do the corporate/business/respectable thing. He and his wife Denise live in Brooklyn with a cat named Friday (who really runs the place). He works in several media, including poetry, digital photography, Photoshop manipulation, and paper collage. Three of his favorite toys are his Mac, his Coolpix 990, and his stereo.

Jonathan Berger used to publish a fanzine, until he realized there was no money in it. Since then, he's become a downtown performing poet, which pays the bills much better. One of the fourteen quadrillion people out of work in the present economy, Jonathan Berger can be seen speaking for spare change on street corners in the South Bronx, which he thought would be the new East Harlem, which is just about ready to become the new Williamsburg....

Jeremiah Birnbaum is a poet, musician, and songwriter. He grew up in the metro area, and recently relocated to Manhattan after living in Boston and London. At this time, he is recording an EP for independent release, in addition to preparing a manuscript of poetry and vignettes.

Steve Caratzas is the creator, designer and editor of Narcolepsy Arms. His poems have been published by New School University's DIAL Online Magazine and He is a freelance writer, illustrator, Web site designer, and guitarist.

Megan Cash is an illustrator who rescues important historical artifacts from the garbage. Her book, I Saw The Sea and the Sea Saw Me, is available at

John Conte, pianist, film composer, producer/orchestrator/arranger, holds a B.M. and a M.M. in piano performance from the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore, MD. His post-graduate education includes graduate studies in Jazz Performance and Music Theory at the Manhattan School of Music, Chamber Music at The Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada, and composition at Westminster Choir College. He was a film composer for Calypso Productions in Los Angeles and he's written and recorded the scores for the independent features Black Eyed Susan and Mass of Angels. His teachers have included Robert Weirich, Ann Schein, Leon Fleisher and Karl Ulrich Schnabel. He is the Associate Director of The Morris Conservatory Choruses in Mountain Lakes, NJ and the Assistant Conductor of the Lyric Theatre Orchestra of NY and NJ. He recently broke the Guinness Book of World Records for continuous piano playing; this event has been filmed for a documentary by director Jim Riffel.

Brian Dewan makes music, film strips, and miniature architecture in Brooklyn. His two CDs, Brian Dewan Tells The Story and The Operating Theater, feature songs with electric zither accompaniment.

Dianno is a poet and actor living and, it seems, always on a train that is delayed about five to ten minutes, which is when she finds time to write poetry on little pieces of paper.

Wil Edmiston is a poet living in New York City.

Somewhere between cock-rock and '70s punk, The George Jefferson Airplane is a 5-piece from NYC blasting out all-original tunes. Nik, Pete, James, Rob and Joe perform regularly at the C-Note and the Alphabet Lounge. Their first collection of songs is entitled We Sold Our Soul For Rent Control.

Get a train down to Baltimore. Go to pier 47, and at customs ask for Nat Glick. And don't mention my name. 'Cause as of right now, I don't know you and I don't wanna know you. I owed you a favor - this is it.

Jonathan Hayes lives in San Francisco where he edits the literary/art magazine Over the Transom. He is the author of Echoes from the Sarcophagus (3300 Press, 1997) and St. Paul Hotel (Ex Nihilo Press, 2000).

Female fronted New York City rock trio Impostor Syndrome delivers up powerful, edgy, rock music that gets adrenaline flowing. Kristen Persinos can really belt it out and rocks her Danelectro better than your average doe. Steve Kerr on bass weaves in catchy, melodic lines while harmonizing to the hooks. Drummer Ross Kantor gives perfect attention to songs' dynamics, setting Impostor Syndrome apart from other heavy rock bands. From a whisper to a shout, Impostor Syndrome is noted for its unpredictable song structures and chord progressions, while still remaining accessible to mainstream rock.

Aidan Kernochan is a visual artist and builder.

Tom Lavagnino's play W.A. (Werewolves Anonymous) world-premiered at the Los Angeles Theatre Center on Halloween 1995 and has since been produced at theaters in Texas, Florida, Missouri, Nevada, and Merced, CA. Other playwrighting credits include HANK MANQUÉ (American Theater of Actors, NYC/Heller Theater, Tulsa), THE LOTTO (Century City Playhouse, Los Angeles), TREPANATION (2000 Moving Arts One-Act Festival, Los Angeles), and SAKI BOTTLE BATTLE (2001 American Globe/Turnip Theatre Festival, NYC).

Daniel W.K. Lee is a NYC-based writer-artist/fundamentally undesirable fuckup/singer/manservant Ping/smartass whose work is widely published in print and on the Web. Also a former go-go dancer/stripper, he is finishing up his first collection of poetry.

Shane Luitjens, aka Torque, is a 27-year-old Boston-based writer/designer/photographer whose written work has appeared in the Lambda Awards finalist Revolutionary Voices (Alyson Press), Periphery, Anything That Moves, and many other literary and art publications. His published collections include Assaults on the Marathon, Blood for Wings, and Every Ineloquency. He will be appearing in an upcoming anthology of queer slam poets and issue of Suspect Thoughts. He was a member of the 1997 Seattle Slam Team.

Sonja Marikovics is a native New Yorker, who spent the years following her graduation from Binghamton University putting her B.A. in Literature to good use in the online advertising industry. A casualty of the dot com bubble burst, she has spent recent months playing musical couches whilst documenting her travels across the U.S.

Eugenia Nam is a visual artist specializing in broadcast media.

Mia Pastore is a painter, graphic artist, and web designer. A graduate of Parsons School of Design, she teaches there in the Foundation Department.

Jonathan Penton is the editor of He lives in Atlanta with a fish, numerous cats, and bad teeth.

Nellie Perera is an actress, poet and teaching artist. She teaches drama and poetry in high schools and community centers throughout New York City. She has performed her poetry at various venues throughout the city, including the Little Black Book series at Sapphire Lounge, and the Bowery Poetry Club.

A Phillips is a photographer and writer living in Williamsburg.

Sara C. Rauch is a living NYC poet.

When not filling out immigration forms and sending out invoices for services rendered, Danny Rivera enjoys listening to Iggy and The Stooges' Raw Power, perusing internet message boards, visiting his parents, and, on occasion, typing out poems on an electric Smith-Corona.

Paul Roberts is an artist residing north of NYC in the Hudson Valley. In addition to photography, he specializes in large projects using metal and glass.

Scott Rosenthal is originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He runs a small sound design studio in New York City, creating soundscapes for the stage (waiting ON godot in Chicago and Stalled in New York), and short video. Scott has studied photographic techniques at the International Center for Photography and taken his camera around the world from Nazca, Peru to Nagasaki, Japan in search of the perfect exposure.

Emily Spilko has been putting pen to paper since she was old enough to hold a writing utensil. She started her professional writing career in New York City, receiving a Masters in Journalism from New York University. Then she headed into the publishing world, writing for magazines such as Fitness, New York, Swing, More, Parents and others. A few years back, the advertising world beckoned, and she's been a Copywriter ever since.

Horehound Stillpoint is a horny, happy, sensitive, bike-riding, rock 'n' roll freak. More of his short stories and poetry can be found in Tough Guys; Out in the Castro; Poetry Nation; Of the Flesh; Poetry Slam; Sex Spoken Here; beyond definition; Quickies; Queer View Mirror II; Rough Stuff and his little Kapowbook, Reincarnation Woes.

Todd Swift's writing has appeared widely, and internationally, in such periodicals as The Dubliner, The National Post and Penthouse. He is the co-editor of several significant anthologies, including the groundbreaking Short Fuse from Rattapallax Press, New York. Swift's Budavox was chosen by Geist as one of the five best books of 1999. He is a contributing editor for Matrix magazine and poetry editor of

The Wes Hollywood Show is Chicago's premier power pop band. Their albums include Grade A Grey Day, Playing Favourites, and The Girls Are Never Ending. A new CD is in the works.

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