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FoR A GooD TimE CaLL

Three lies hand held in imaginative
prayer, positioning hope in head,

Four times stuck, lost sweater
mother gave at Brooklyn party
re-bought to loss again at Starlight
while he in careless stoned state
when supposed to be watching was not

Seven, my lucky number though
nine lives and it didn't work out well

Two lovers, carcass filled
bodies brillo, hang ups

To following a hot nose
on a mission,
guess less care
but I did

Eight months of this
yes/no sir piñata shit

Eight times replayed Scorpion
"you had me, you lost me"
but I don't want you back

Eight stairs up/down
out of house went I
to dine at table with
your eyes and silence-

Six blessings made invisible
beside him
while driving my car
broke window
stolen music
four flat tires
equals six blessings-

To a Janus faced lover
always in opposite direction
and me swiveling infinity
to find him

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