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shane luitjens



Let me be solid in this,
you pier queen queerboy -

I am not showering with you
because I want to touch (yet)

but to see you, as I felt you
this night before, by name,

each body part connects
to a doctor or an ex-lover

(were any doctors?) or
to a science of isolation.

You tell me you grew up
around these parts (knee,

anklebone to the...), you know
them so well and sloppily

forget to look at them
after years they stop changing

or we ignore signals,
pains, or the color of skin

as a given attribute of heart.
These parts in this light

are a demonstration as sexy
as subtle as special as connected

to my waking next to you
and wanting to just watch

you watch me and in not touching,
I have covered your entire body.

This makes me like water,
or like wonder, like skin

and do you ever sit and see it
like I stand and see it spell a "Yes"

X, the world wetly falls over you
much like I do.

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