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"Anyone can escape into sleep,
we are all geniuses when we dream,
the butcher's the poet's equal there."

                               —Emile Cioran


Shane Allison, Justin Barrett, Jonathan Berger, Jeremiah Birnbaum, Steve Caratzas,
Dianno, Wil Edmiston, Jonathan Hayes, Tom Lavagnino, Daniel W.K. Lee, Shane Luitjens,
Jonathan Penton, Nellie Perera, Sarah C. Rauch, Danny Rivera, Emily Spilko,
Horehound Stillpoint, and Todd Swift contribute.


Lou Benjamin, Steve Caratzas, Megan Cash, Aidan Kernochan, Sonja Marikovics,
Eugenia Nam, Mia Pastore, A Phillips, Paul Roberts, and Scott Rosenthal contribute.


A Cat Using Only Its Ass Could Do Better, John Conte, Brian Dewan, George Jefferson Airplane,
Impostor Syndrome and The Wes Hollywood Show contribute.


Several Narcolepsy Arms contributors share their views on this issue's theme: Superstition.

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