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My New Roommate

Lethargy moves me:
amusing my morning
with its tumbling wit,
it slow twangs my
sells heft to my feet.

When the shower cools
to tepid,
it is lethargy that tricks
my prickled skin
to warmth,
slowing the flow
to flatten a final sud.
Lethargy boosts me
as I wait for my toast.

Lethargy thrills me!
It snaps back my head
with an irreverant shout,
it wrinkles my shirts,
it unwinds my curls,
it spins the lazy susan an extra degree
to dizzy me with
snippets of marmalade and salt!

Lethargy is my biggest fan--

it cheers my path with
disorienting my chi.
It is by my side at parties,
seeking a seat that's free.
It whispers its will
at artshows, nudging me
toward the door.

Ahhhhhh, Lethargy.

It moves me.

It cools my supper,
it sings me to sleep,
it darkens my dreams with
vertiginous sheep.


a seat at the table,
on the mat.

It promises I'll meet
apathy, but not
for a while--
not just yet.

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