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horehound stillpoint



Come on, get going.  Get up.   Get caffeinated.  Get your email.  Get tickets
for that show. Get in the pool. Get muscles. Get happy! Get milk. Get those
oatbran muffins that don't make you gag. Get a man. Get another man. Get
your heart broke.  Get wrecked.  Get bombed out of your skull, one way or
another. Get hard.  Get your game face on.  Get on TV.  Get a website. Get
off the grid. Get a good night's sleep.   Get some therapy, for Christ's sake.
Get in touch with your feminine side.   Get a drop-dead outfit, but get it for
cheap.  Get butch.  Get outa Dodge.   Get porn.  Get a porn star.  Get your
wallet out. Get your hands behind your head and get on the ground. Get a
bad   reputation.   Get   a   grip.   Get  on-the-job  coverage  that  can't  be
cancelled. Get it in writing.  Get ahead, dammit.  Get a guru.  Get high. Get
paid. Get mean.  Get your lawyer on the phone.  Get to work.   Get off the
grass.  Get on the path.   Get ready, because the shit will be coming down.
Get clear. Get the hell out of here. Give it all away, so you can die in peace.

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