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todd swift


Why Do You Like Boys, He Asked?

Their messy haircuts. The way
They drink beer. How they

Wear ties - loose, or
Right to the collar. Leaning

Against doors, hands in jeans.
Their full-throated whispers. When

They light a cigarette, so fucking
Confidently. A paperback

In their coat pocket. Thick eyebrows,
Thick black-framed glasses. Their

Fine, thin torsos. Their long backs,
Arched - like an Orca dives.

Their generous, or aquiline, noses.
Friendship with one, which can last

Like titanium. Their various cocks.
How they shave in mirrors

With all the deliberate poise of
An expert defusing a bomb. Kisses

That let you feel the stubble. Yes,
One could do worse than be

A liker of boys, she said to me;
So I was sold on her, and men.

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